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At the Faculty of Global Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University students examine globalistics during four years.

Globalistics is not one of separate and specific scientific disciplines that appear typically as a result of differentiation of scientific knowledge or at the intersection of associated disciplines.
According to Professor Alexander Chumakov, globalistics integrates science and practice for adequate comprehension and finding solutions to modern global problems. He outlines that subject and conceptual apparatus of globalistics:

"they will be united only to a certain extent (in terms of philosophy and methodology), for the rest they stay vague in a separate science that are involved in appropriate researches. Discussing methods and goals of globalistics, besides definition of some fundamental approaches, it is necessary to enumerate separate sciences and their contribution to research of appropriate problems as well as detection hew philosophy, culturology, politics, ideology are engaged in globalistics that makes finding a solution to this case knowingly almost impartible".

Chumakov Aleksander Nikolayevich
Founder of the site, host of the seminar "Topical problems of global studies", ideological inspirer

According to A. N. Chumakov, the answer to the question "What was in the beginning — an egg or a chicken?" unambiguous: The egg appeared first, and then the chicken. So, the scheme "globalization ➙ global problems" is correct.

  • Globalization is a centuries-old natural-historical process;
  • global problems are a natural result of this process.

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