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On the afternoon of December 3rd and the morning of December 4th, the sub-forum "International Dialogue on Context Inheritance (Upper and Lower)", sponsored by the Institute of Context Studies, Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, was held in Wuxi, which was divided into five sessions with the attendance of over 60 experts and scholars from Yale University, Moscow State University of Russia, Hamburg University of Germany, Tubingen University of Germany, IULM University of Italy, Seoul University of Korea, Delhi University of India, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, Southeast China University as well as other domestic and foreign universities and research institutions. In the session, everyone expresses their own opinions from their own research field and speaks glowingly of the cultural heritage in the perspective of internationalization.

Experts at home and abroad have launched a brilliant ideological confrontation around exploring Jiangnan Context to answer realistic questions, opening up channels of communication through cultural consistency as well as promoting cultural heritage and innovation through education and breaking cultural barriers through dialogue across time and space. Experts believe that the cultural context in Jiangnan has left a unique spiritual value in inheritance and innovation with strong guiding significance for answering practical questions. Endogenous and dissemination nature of culture is growing hand in hand, namely local unique cultures will be produced at different regions, such as Jiangnan culture. The regionality of culture will not affect its external communication, but overemphasizing the endogenous nature of culture will restrict the dissemination of culture. The inheritance and innovation of cultural context cannot be separated from the equal dialogue between Chinese and Western languages, which emphasizes that the conflict between Chinese and Western cultures should be narrowed through equal education so as to strengthen and promote the inheritance and innovation of cultural context. In today's context, inclusive absorption is the essence of cultural heritage and development, namely only by breaking cultural barriers with an open mind, can culture achieve long-term development.

Professor Alexander N. Chumakov, the First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Philosophical Society Newsletter, participated in the forum as an important guest and delivered a speech on the topic of "Breaking Cultural Barriers through Trans-temporal Dialogue", focusing on how to build community of shared destiny through unified civilization and diverse cultures and arousing many scholars' discussions.

From the international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the sub-forum combs the Jiangnan Context, explores the taste characteristics and future trends of the Jiangnan Context and fully affirms the rich connotation and flexible innovation hereof. In addition to academic exchanges, the two-day forum has also given people in different countries and regions a chance to experience life in Jiangnan.

Prof. FAN Heping, the Vice-president of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences and professor of Southeast University of China

Yan-yan Jiang, Department of Philosophy and Science School of Humanities Southeast University

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