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On the morning of December 1st, 2018, the International Conference on Ethical Consensus and Human Moral Development and the Presentation of "China Ethical and Moral Development Database and Research Report", commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, was held in Jiulong Lake Hotel of Southeast University. The ethical studies by Southeast University have been sharpened for ten years with fruitful results yielded. Many people attended the conference to witness this historic moment including President Zhang Guangjun of Southeast China University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Guo Guangyin, former Party Secretary of Southeast University, Professor Zhao Jianying, Party Secretary and President of China Social Science Press, Professor Luca M. Scarantino, President of International Philosophical Federation, Professor Alexander N. Chumakov, First Vice President of Russian Philosophical Society, Editor-in-Chief of Russian Philosophical Society Newsletter, Professor Wan Junren, President of the Chinese Ethics Institute, nine scholars of the Yangtze River from the Chinese philosophy and ethics circle and more than 200 experts and scholars at home and abroad as well as school teachers and students.

On the morning of the same day, the Moral Development Institute of Southeast University officially released the first authoritative, comprehensive and systematic database and research report on ethical and moral development in China, namely "China's Ethical and Moral Development Database" in 7 volumes and 12 editions and "China's Research Report on Ethical and Moral Development" in 2 volumes and 4 editions, nearly 10 million words, which vividly presents the current situation, ten-year development track and future trend of ethics and morality development in China. In the same afternoon, five roundtables on ethical consensus and human moral development were held successively and Professor Alexander N. Chumakov also attended one of them. Nearly 200 experts and scholars at home and abroad have launched fierce discussions on the theme of the forum and contributed their collective wisdom.

President Zhang Guangjun had given full affirmation and high praise to the pioneering work of the Institute of Moral Development of Southeast University and placed great expectations on its future development. And then President Zhao Jianying as well as President Wan Junren and Chairman Luca had delivered speeches successively, in which they believed that the publication of "China Ethical and Moral Development Database and Research Report" was not only of great academic significance as prelude to the change of ethics research paradigm, but also of great practical significance, which would contribute to the development of Chinese morality in the new era and promote the moral construction and moral level of the whole society actively.

Prof. FAN Heping, the Vice-president of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences and professor of Southeast University of China

Yan-yan Jiang, Department of Philosophy and Science School of Humanities Southeast University

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