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Professor Alexander N. Chumakov, First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society Invited

On the morning of November 30th, 2018, Professor Alexander N. Chumakov, First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Philosophical Society Newsletter, visited the " Philosophers' Seats" as invited and brought us a wonderful academic report entitled as “Global Studies of Modern Scientific Systems: History and Philosophy” at the High-Level Academic Conference Center on the fifth floor of the Liberal Arts Building in Jiulong Lake Campus. The lecture was chaired by Professor Xia Baohua, Director of the Department of Philosophy and Science with the attendance of teachers from the Department of Philosophy including Dai Zhengnong, Liu Min, Wang Yongzhong, Wu Xiaoxi and some postgraduates hereof.

At first, Professor Alexander N. Chumakov introduced his representative theoretical works in the field of “Global Studies”; and then he placed the emphasis on the introduction of the history, current situation and development trend of "Global Studies" from the aspects including “The Background of Global Studies”, “The Views and Explanations of Global Studies” as well as “The Focus of Global Studies” and “The Objective Basis of Global Studies”. Professor Alexander N. Chumakov believes that "Global Studies" can be regarded as a scientific, philosophical and overall major solution to the current world's problems such as environmental pollution, resource exhaustion, cultural conflicts and other issues in the current era of great industrialization.

During the discussion, the teachers and students from the Department of Philosophy made a thorough discussion with Professor Alexander N. Chumakov on the subject of global studies as well as the subject construction of "Globalization Major" and etc. At the end of the lecture, Professor Alexander N. Chumakov presented two academic monographs to the Library of the Humanities College; while Professor Xia Baohua expressed the acknowledgement to Professor Alexander N. Chumakov and conveyed the greetings from Professor Fan Heping. Additionally, Professor Xia Baohua showed the desire for long-term cooperation and communication with Professor Alexander N.CHUMAKOV in the opening process of the major "Global Studies" in the future.

Yan-yan Jiang, Department of Philosophy and Science School of Humanities Southeast University

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