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Ilyin Ilya Vyacheslavovich

Doctor of Political Sciences, Dean of the FGS MSU

One of the founders of the development of theoretical and methodological foundations of global studies, global and globalization research.

Ursul Arkady Dmitrievich

President of the International Academy of the Noosphere (Sustainable Development) - MANUR

Doctor of Philosophy, professor, full and honorary member of many Russian and international academies.

Demidenko Eduard Semenovich

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Russian State University.

Rezhabek Boris Georgievich

Russian scientist, candidate of biological sciences, author of more than 100 scientific papers on biophysics and biological cybernetics

In the 1960s created the Interdepartmental Group of Biophysics at the University of Rostov-on-Don, where he studied, developed original lecture courses for her, implementing a systemic cybernetic approach from the cellular to the biosphere level, which provided the basis for subsequent work in the field of global studies.


Chumakov Alexander Nikolaevich

Philosopher, theorist and organizer of science

Specialist in the field of social philosophy, philosophy and methodology of global research, scientific and technological progress, problems of the interaction of nature and society.

Pfanenstil Ivan Alekseevich

Soviet and Russian philosopher

Specialist in social philosophy, geopolitics, global studies, conflict resolution and ethics.

Nazaretyan Hakob Pogosovich

Psychologist, philosopher and anthropologist, professor, chief researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author of works on the synergetic theory of systems, on universal history (Big History), the history and methodology of science, political and historical psychology, as well as on the psychological factors of anthropogenic crises and global forecasting.

Snakin Valery Viktorovich

Russian ecologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor

He developed new methods for studying the liquid phase of soils directly in the field, developed new approaches to assessing the stability and degradation of landscapes, made a significant contribution to the development of environmental terminology, and generalized cartographic materials on the state of the environment and natural resources throughout Russia.

Grinin Leonid Efimovich

Doctor of Philosophy, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, REA, RAGI, editor of a number of journals, including chief editor of the journal "Age of Globalization"

Russian philosopher, sociologist, political anthropologist, economist, futurologist. He made a significant contribution to the theory of the historical process, its driving forces and the structure of society; the development of the theory of production revolutions, the origin and evolution of the state, the analysis of modern processes of globalization and the study of its historical dimension, the development of a world-system approach, global and universal history.

Kefeli Igor Fedorovich

Soviet and Russian philosopher

Specialist in social philosophy, history and philosophy of science and technology, cultural studies, global studies and geopolitics.

Pantin Vladimir Igorevich

Philosopher, political scientist, forecaster of global political and economic development, author of the concept of global cycles of history.

Together with Lapkin developed an approach to forecasting global development, based on cycles and waves of historical dynamics (the “philosophy of historical forecasting”).